My Trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

On my quest to see how royal people lived up close and candid, I decided to visit the infamous Neuschwanstein Castle located in Baravia. I had longed for this trip for a very long time and had read intensively about it and could not wait to finally see it. The palace which was commissioned by Ludwing II of Baravia as homage and retreat to Richard Wagner was intended for personal refuge for the king. It was however opened to the public when he died in 1886 attracting millions of people from all over the world. It has also appeared prominently in a number of movies and was also the inspiration for sleeping beauty’s castle and many other similar structures.

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Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

As soon as I arrived, I was taken back as it was much more than I had expected. This is because it is a gorgeous castle that boasts of Romanesque architectural style. It is set in Schwangau municipality that lies at an elevation of 2, 620 ft (800m) at the south west border of Baravia. Its surroundings are characterized with a transition between a hilly landscape in the north and Alpine foothills to the south.

I was disappointed to learn that I could not explore the castle on my own and that I had to visit it on a guided tour. Despite this, I actually felt like I had steeped into another planet once I was inside Neuschwanstein Castle. The influence of the king is apparent going to show that he took keen personal interest in the decoration as well as design. Suite of rooms that are found within the Palas contains the Ludwging suite, Throne Room, Grotto and Singer’s Hall. There is also a theater which was mainly used for Richard Wanger’s operas.

There are very many rooms in the Neuschwanstein Castle that are undecorated as only a total of 14 rooms were completed before the king died. I noticed most of the window openings here were fashioned as triforia and bi-. It is also furnished with a number of towers, gables, ornamental turrets, pinnacles, balconies and sculptures. I also found the entrance striking as it is accessed through a symmetrical Gatehouse flaked by 2 stair towers. Here there is only an eastward pointing gate whose wall area is fashioned by high contrast colors as the exterior walls are cased with red bricks while the court fronts yellow limestone. Pinnacles also surround the roof cornice.

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I also enjoyed looking at the 2 level court yard whose passage is crowned with royal Baravian coat of arms. One of the levels is defined by the Gatehouse to the east and foundations of the Rectangular Tower and gallery building to the north. The upper level on the other hand offers magical mountain scenery. At the western end lays three nave churches and a projected chapel that were never built. I also learnt from the friendly and resourceful staff that if it had been completed, it would have more than 200 interior rooms. I loved my visit to the Neuschwanstein Castle although I found that the guided tours were too short.